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bouncer Declarative Authentication DSL inspired by Ryan Bates excellent cancan library

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bouncer is an authorization library that restricts user access to resources. All the permissions are defined in a single location.

  • Decoupled from authentication
  • Decoupled from how you implement roles
  • Database independent

flask-bouncer declarative authorization for Flask

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Makes it easy to connect `bouncer` to your Flask application

monarch mulit-environment mongodb toolbelt with migration framework

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"migrations should happen naturally"

`monarch` is a mongo utility belt that helps developers and admins deal with common admin use-cases. The main use-case that this library was built for was migrations but it does a bunch or other useful things like makes it easy to backup, restore, and copy environments between one another.

It has been very helpful for our teams -- and hopefully you guys can find it useful as well.

memory_utils Utilities to help fight and prevent memory leaks

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Yeah Memory Issues!!

Memory Issues happen to the best of us. `memory_utils` will give you simple tools to quickly isolate the cuplrit, and ideally, warn you before you run into issues.

From my experience, there is no silver-bullet in dealing with memory issues. You just have to roll up your sleeve and get dirty with print statements. In our team's recent fight with a memory issue, we created memory_utils and we wanted to share.

`memory_utils` deals primarily with RSS memory (Resident Set Size). The most important memory concept to understand when dealing with memory constrained systems: RSS, the resident set size, is the portion of a process's memory that is held in RAM. The rest of the memory exists in the swap of the file system.

state_machine Python State Machine for humans

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There are two types of developers in this world: those who love state machines and those who will eventually.

I fall in the first camp. I think it is really important to have a declarative way to define the states of an object. That’s why I developed `state_machine`.

pivotal_tools geeky command-line interface with additional scrum, planning poker, and changelog generation features

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At ZEFR we used Pivotal Tracker to help us with our Agile workflow. Its a great tool, but we created a couple of command-line utilities that help us with our process. We have found these to be real time-savers and helped up tighten up our process.

We have collected these utils into a python package pivotal_tools.