InsightSquared VP, Engineering and Services

2015 - 2017

InsightSquared is a data intelligence system that grows revenue, profit and productivity for your small or medium sized business by analyzing data from your existing software to help you make better data driven decisions.

ZEFR Head of AdTech

2012 - 2015

Like Voltron, Pipewave and the good folks at ZEFR decided to join forces to become much stronger than either of us alone. Read about it here.

ZEFR is a technology company that organizes, packages, and merchandises the 90% of content on YouTube that no one else can make sense of. We do it for rights holders and for brands.

Pipewave Founder, CTO

2010 - 2015

Pipewave is a Google certified video ad server which can serve millions of ads per hour, that leverages big-data data processing techniques to perform creative optimization. Scale, performance, and reliability were paramount in this project.

We sold Pipewave to ZEFR in 2012.

StatSamurai Founder, CTO

2011 - 2015

In building Pipewave, I was shocked not to find a web service to handle statistical jobs. So, I built StatSamurai -- a high performance, cloud-based, no-hassle statistic processing service.

PacWest Consulting Partners Founding Partner

2007 - 2011

PacWest Consulting Partners is a boutique strategy consultancy and market intelligence firm that specializes in the energy, industrial, and resources sectors. Much of our work is focused around the oilfield and the many industries that supply critical products and services to it.

I led the technology practice where we implemented, deployed and supported large business transforming systems and processes.

PacWest was acquired in 2014.

Sapient Architect

1997 - 2002

My formative years between undergrad and business school were spent at Sapient. Here, I cut my teeth on software development and process. I really couldn't imagine a better first job out of school.

I was the architect of the Advanced Technology Group, responsible for project design and quality of Sapient’s portfolio of technical solutions for IT consulting clients. I formulated Sapient's strategy on emerging technologies, helped establish Sapient's first satellite office in India, and led teams of 10-40 multi-disciplinary consultants on major technology deployments.

Harvard Business School

MBA, Class of 2004

University of Rochester

BSEE, Class of 1997


Well, it happened. After a year of developing in Python, I began dreaming in Python. It was a simple transition from Ruby to Python. And the very welcoming and helpful Python community helped me get the most out of the language quickly. Most of the work that I have done has centered around Flask. For testing I have leaned on the lettuce bdd framework.

Ruby on Rails

Been developing with Ruby and Rails for years. I have never had more fun nor been more productive than I have been working with Ruby. The DRY (don't repeat yourself) philosophy or Rails, combined with the elegance of Ruby make it such a killer combination. Also, the supporting community (Thanks Ryan!) really push to you to keep learning new libraries and hone your skills


I have been really impressed with Mongo. I love not having to deal with migrations anymore. The DSL of Mongoid makes my domain models easy to read, and modify. The performance and scalability (at least for the types of applications that I have built) have been really impressive. Plus, I have to give a shoutout to the folks at MongoHQ who have phenominal support and have been great system admins for my projects.


While not all my projects run on Heroku, most do. It really allows me to focus on the business-domain of the problem that I am solving, and leave the infrastructure to them.

Amazon Web Services

For more sophisticated projects when I need to leave the Heroku stack -- I head to Amazon.

The AWS suite (including `S3`, `EC2`, `RedShift`, `RDS`, `CloudFront`, ...) has been my go-to Cloud Infrastructure Stack for years.


For a long time I resisted TDD/BDD. When I was introducted to Cucumber, that certainly changed. Cucumber promotes creating 'living' documentation that also serves as your test harness.

Other Recent Technology Experience

Python, Ruby
Flask, Rails, Click
MongoDB, PosgreSQL, mySQL, RDS, RedShift
Front End
jQuery, Angular, CSS, SASS